Paint, Don’t Renovate

Thinking of spending a fortune buying all all new cabinets for your kitchen? Don’t! Consider refinishing instead! Update your kitchen with custom kitchen cabinet repainting and refinishing and save a fortune.  A re-paint overhaul will provide you with a fresh new style. It is far less expensive and a much faster turnaround.

Specialized home Improvements to your kitchen offer a high return on investment, making them a very valuable facelift.

I have fine tuned my kitchen cabinet painting and I want to offer you or your family a worry free, reasonably priced professional experience.

Why Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets?

If you peruse Pinterest, and home improvement TV shows while brainstorming for your project, you will find many projects that incorporate painted kitchen cabinets.


Painting cabinets is a fraction of the cost of cabinet refacing or outright replacement. The challenge with choosing to update via painting is getting a factory-like finish on your cabinets as this requires advanced skills. Most general contractors and most average painters are not prepared to tackle a project like this.

At Fresh Paint RI we have the experience to tackle these types of projects successfully, backed by satisfied customer testimonials.

Painting kitchen cabinets requires specialized skills

Kitchen cabinets are a unique place in your home that endure an enormous amount of wear & tear. Since your cabinets are touched, opened and interacted with constantly they require special treatment.  They are not like the walls in your home that are typically untouched. Therefore, you need to have your cabinets painted by a trained professional.

When you are painting kitchen cabinets, the foundation is very important.  Here’s an overview of the preparation we follow when painting kitchen cabinets:

  •   Cover and protect all surfaces
  •   Remove all hardware
  •   Label all doors and drawers
  •   Remove all doors and drawers
  •   Buff sand all surfaces with sandpaper
  •   Wipe all surfaces with a de-glossing agent
  •   Apply one coat of bonding primer
  •   Apply one coat of primer (needed only if wood is an open grain like oak or cabinets have a dark stain)
  •   Buff sand in-between primer coats

First, we’ll clean, buff and de-gloss the cabinets with an exceptional cleaner. This separates the old finish from the cabinets and creates the optimal surface for our primer. In some instances, a bond primer is required. It is not okay to utilize any old primer. Primers all have a special purpose, and you must apply the correct one. For the best results, two primer coats should be applied. If your cabinets are dark they may require a third stain blocking primer coat.

Fresh Paint RI Combines Professional Tools & Expertise

The next stage is to paint the kitchen cupboards with a great interior trim product.  Urethane Enamel paint that dries faster and cures strong with a smooth finish. Spraying all the door and drawer fronts enables us to get a near factory finish on the surfaces that are seen the most.  It’s better to apply a few light coats than a single heavy one. The heavier it’s put on, the messier it will look.

We utilize a sprayer that is specifically intended for fine trim painting and gives the best quality finish. This sprayer is not for newbies but brings about the best result. The door and drawer covers are finished in a spare room at the home, in one of our shops or in one of our mobile spray booths (where available). In many cases, we will hand brush or roll the styles and rails. We try not to spray in the home that you may occupy. To accommodate this, we will brush and roll the styles and rails.

Finally, the door and drawer covers are reattached, many times with new hardware. The result is an extraordinary transformation that will last for many years.



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